www.Pof.com – Plenty of Fish Review

by Alicia on January 21, 2013

Pof.com (formerly at www.plentyoffish.com) is widely regarded as one of the best dating sites in the world. The initials ‘POF’ in this context stand for ‘Plenty of Fish.’ The dating philosophy behind this site seems to be a simple but profound one: that there are plenty of people (plenty of fish) on the dating scene, and there is therefore no need for anyone to approach the dating game from a point of desperation.

The uniqueness of www.pof.com

PoF is unique from other most other dating sites in the sense that it doesn’t just facilitate hookups: it also does many proactive things, to enhance the probability of the hookups turning into successful, long-term relationships. PoF has tools to increase the chances of people hooking up with the right partners, and to increase chances of the resultant relationships being successful. Key among the tools in question are:

  • Advanced matching logarithms (which ensure that people are matched with partners they are likely to genuinely ‘click’ with.
  • The chemistry test – which further ensures that people are only matched with partners they are likely to click with.
  • Relationship guides – to help people build better and more fulfilling relationships. In these guides, you get to learn about important topics that need to be discussed in the course of dating, the pitfalls that need to be avoided and so on.

It helps too, that PoF is a site with many members, which essentially means that there is a higher probability of you ending up hooking up with a partner who meets your exact ‘specifications.’

So, how does www.pof.com work?

Well, people keen on taking advantage of PoF’s matchmaking services need to sign up with the site. That is the most crucial step. Signing up with PoF is free of charge, and it is a fairly straightforward process: one that shouldn’t normally take more than five minutes.

The next step in the process after signing up is that of creating some sort of a profile, essentially describing yourself, and the sort of people you’d like to be hooked up with.

After this, you take up the www.pof.com chemistry test, which will further help in identifying the people you should be paired up with. Don’t fear the test: it is not a tough test, or the sort of test you can ‘pass’ or ‘fail.’ It is simply meant to figure out your emotional needs, and help in identifying partners who’d tend to satisfy those emotional needs.

PoF subsequently offers you dating tips, including tips on the sorts of subjects to discuss when dating and pitfalls to avoid. Meanwhile, it facilitates your hookup with a partner you are likely to have a truly satisfactory relationship with. It is really that simple. And it works – lat least, it has worked for millions of people who have used it.


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Top Dating Sites

by Alicia on March 18, 2014

Many people express interest in identifying the top dating sites, and subsequently registering with those sites. There are several reasons behind this phenomenon. Firstly, it is to be appreciated that the top online dating sites tend to have very huge numbers of members. This means that, going by the laws of probability, people looking for love in these sites are likely to get ‘better’ partners (in accordance with their personal needs). Secondly, it is to be appreciated that the top online dating sites tend to be extremely sophisticated, technically speaking. This means that folks using their matchmaking services end up having better experiences than those using the dating sites that don’t make it to the A-list. Thirdly, it is to be appreciated that, for the most part, the top dating sites tend to charge very little for their matchmaking services. Some actually charge nothing. This is yet another factor that attracts people to these sites.

Criteria for identifying top dating sites

The sites that are regarded as being the ‘top’ dating sites are regarded as such on the basis of:

  • Their membership numbers: under this criterion, the top dating sites are those with the biggest numbers of members.
  • The ranges of services they offer: under this criterion, we have the dating sites being divided into categories (e.g. the free dating sites category, the Christian dating sites category, the Asians dating sites category, the seniors dating sites category and so on) — with the top sites in the respective categories being subsequently identified.
  • Their technical features: under this criterion, it is the sites with the most sophisticated features that are regarded as the top dating sites, regardless of other parameters like their membership numbers.
  • The cost of the services they offer: under this criterion, the dating sites are categorized, so that we end up with free dating sites, high cost (premium) dating sites, low cost dating sites… and so on, with the top sites in the respective categories being identified.

It is worth mentioning that there are some dating sites that tend to emerge tops regardless of the criterion used. Those are, for instance, sites with good membership numbers, high degrees of technical sophistication and low costs for their services.

Also worth mentioning is the fact that the top dating sites are not always the best. There are some that make it to the A-list of dating sites due to good marketing and promotion, but whose matchmaking services are actually not that good. All said and done, when it comes to the selection of a dating site to join, the best approach is to opt for the one whose services and programs are best aligned with your specific personal needs. That is as opposed to restricting yourself to the sites in the A-list (which may not always be the best for you).

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